Wednesday, February 20, 2008


8 things I want to do before I die:

(This is a chain that was sent from a friend where each person publishes these 8 things on their blogspot and invites 8 more to do the same. I think it's always a good thing to do, helps to put things in perspective)

1. Live next door to Jody and have coffee (decaf) in the morning together several times a week, and that we take our dogs for walks together.

2. Drive from Tijuana to the Tierra del Fuego with Gaby and hang out with our new penguin friends.

3. See Tom Waits live in concert

4. Visit Magui in Spain and Pepe in France on the same trip. Soon.

5. Feel the pyramids.

6. That Gaby and I convert our house into a combination of the following: restaurant/hotel/farm/artist/writer/residency/ publisher somewhere near a truck stop.

7. Take a boat to Antarctica, and along the way a whale would hang out with the boat and let me touch it.

8. Fly over Kenya in a two person plane for several days.

8 Cosas para antes de morir:

1. Vivir al lado de Jody y tomar cafe (decaf) juntas por la mañana varias días a la semana y que sacquemos nuestros perritos para caminar, juntas.

2. Majejar desde Tijuana hasta la Tierra del Fuego con la Gaby y que le pasemos bien con nuestros nuevos amguis los pengüinos.

3. Ver a Tom Waits en concierto

4. Visitar a Magui en españa y a Pepe en Francia en el mismo viaje. pronto.

5. Sentir las pirámides.

6. Que la Gaby y yo convertamos nuestra casa en una combinación de lo siguiente: restaurante/hotel/granja/residencia de artista/escritores/editorial en algún lugar cera a un truck stop.

7. Andar en barca hasta Antarctica, y en el camino una ballena pasara conmigo y me permitiera tocarla, quizá me cantaría una canción ballena.

8. Volar sobre Kenya en un avión de dos personas para varios días.

Whether or not they do it, or if choose to break the chain (even though it could possibly bring them bad luck :( ), i am inviting: Paula Cronan, Davina Semo, Stephen Remington, El Tambor, Pepe Vázquez, Claudia Algara, Lauren Wooley y Wendell Kling They should write their list and publish it on their blog, myspace, friendster etc...partycipar.